Register to Vote

Registering to vote and casting an informed ballot are two of the most important and hard-won rights and duties of American citizens. Everyone has the opportunity to influence the outcome of the next election and shape the future!

To Register You Must:

  • You must be a UNITED STATES CITIZEN for at least one month prior to the NEXT election.
  • You must be a RESIDENT OF PENNSYLVANIA and YOUR ELECTION DISTRICT for at least 30 days prior to the election.
  • You must be at least 18 YEARS OF AGE on the day of the next election.
  • JURORS in Dauphin County ARE NOT SELECTED from voter rolls; they are SELECTED from PennDOT records.
Deadline to apply to register: 15 days prior to each Election
To register online to vote: visit the Department of State’s website –  – where you can complete a new registration or change your address, name or political party.

If you’d prefer, you can print the PA Voter Registration Mail-In Application Form, complete it and mail to the appropriate county election office, addresses are listed on the form.  To access the form, please click HERE.
Once completed, you can mail your completed registration to:
Dauphin County Bureau of Registration and Elections
1251 South 28th Street
Harrisburg, PA 17111