Voluntary Drop - Off Center Information

Recycling can be dropped off at these sites at any time.
Online Information:
Recycling Drop Off Sites

Where To Recycle

Dauphin County Recycling Center

Conewago Township Municipal Building 
3279 Old Hershey Road - Elizabethtown
Gratz Borough Community Center
Halifax Borough (by Deppen Park)
Lykens Borough
Millersburg Borough
Williamstown Borough/Williams Township
What To Recycle

  • Cardboard
  • Newspapers & Inserts
  • Magazines & Catalogs
  • Telephone Books
  • Plastic #1, #2, #5 only.
  • Aluminum Cans
How To Prepare Your Recyclables
Corrugated Cardboard:
Corrugated means the cardboard has a ribbed section. Flatten and stack together. Do not recycle single layer, or freezer cartons, cereal boxes, pizza boxes, wax-coated boxes, or boxes with food scraps, etc.
Aluminum & Bi-Metal (steel tin) Cans:
Aluminum, steel, and bi-metal food and beverage cans. Remove plastic lid from cans. Do not recycle (i.e.) scrap metal, coat hangers,pie plates, aluminum foil, metal cookware, utensils, or other metal objects.
Newspapers, inserts, telephone books & magazines:
Tie or keep loose. Do not place in plastic or paper bags.
Plastics #1,2,5:
Rinse. TIP: look on the bottom of the plastic item for a recycling symbol [chasing arrows] with a number in the middle.