The Honorable William T. Tully

Judge Tully is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, (1979) and the Dickinson School of Law (1982).  While attending law school, he was a law clerk for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Administration.  He was a Deputy District Attorney for Dauphin County and eventually ascended to the position of First Assistant District Attorney.  He was a partner in the firm of Mancke, Wagner, Hershey and Tully, and later established a private law practice.  He served on the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing (1996-2007), and was elected to the Dauphin County Court of Common Pleas in 2013.  He has handled cases across the spectrum of assignments but had primary responsibility for Juvenile Court for three years before being assigned primarily to the adult criminal division.  His favorite current assignment is Dauphin County’s Veteran’s Court.

He is married to his wife, Lori, and resides in Lower Paxton Township.  His daughter, Erin, graduated Notre Dame in 2016 and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 2020, and is currently doing her medical residency at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.  His middle daughter, Allison, is a graduate of the University of Delaware and graduated as a Physician’s Assistant from the  Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine and is doing a residency in Emergency Medicine at DuPont’s Children’s Hospital in Wilmington, Delaware.  His youngest daughter, Christine, recently graduated from Michigan State University and will be participating in a graduation nursing fellowship at the Hershey Medical Center in emergency medicine.