Advisory Board

The Dauphin County Department of Drug & Alcohol Services has a member board consisting of concerned community members charged with reviewing and evaluating treatment, prevention, and intervention services for substance-abusing clients in Dauphin County.

The Board works to develop, together with the Administrator, continuing plans for the department, to make recommendations to the County Commissioners regarding the department and services and any other matters relating to drug, alcohol, and tobacco services in the County, including the purchase of services, contracts, and funds required to implement services. The Board also reviews the Department of Drug and Alcohol Services' performance and recommends a system of program evaluation.

The Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board meets every other month on the second Wednesday at noon in the D&A Conference Room.

Board Members:

Todd Singer
Reverend Mim Harvey
Judge David O'Leary
Paul Navarro
Chief Darrell Reider
Dr. Tamara Willis
Tammy Relken
Phyllis Dew
Rafi Islam
Theresa Sellers