How do I access Mental Health services in Dauphin County?

Is there a cost for mental health services?

Why does the CMU require that I apply for Medical Assistance through the County Assistance Office for myself or my child?

Why do many children seeking mental health services need to apply for Medical Assistance?

What are representative payee services?

How can I get help resolving a problem with the representative payee program at the CMU?

Does the County Mental health system provide transportation?

Does Dauphin County's mental health system provide housing?

Can a child age 14 and older refuse mental health services?

What is respite care and why does it help support families?

Who Can I Contact for Help?

If eligible for ID services, how do I access funding?

What is an Individual Support Plan (ISP)?

What services and supports are available?

How do I receive information about Early Intervention Services or make a referral to Early Intervention?

What Children Are Eligible?

What Services are Provided to Meet the Developmental Needs of a Child?

Where do Children and Their Families Receive Services?

What is the Cost for Services?