Mental Health Program

The Dauphin County Mental Health system has a legal basis for the mental health system in the Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities Act of 1966. The MH/ID Administrator employs a Deputy MH Administrator and MH Program Specialist staff that carries out various functions such as planning, evaluation, program development, contracting, and quality assurance. Specific Mental health services are mandated in every County.
Since 1966, the Dauphin County Mental Health system has grown to serve over 4,000 adults and children and provide a wide range of treatment services and supports. Over time, services have been improved and are more specialized for adults with serious mental illness and children with severe emotional disturbance. Only one mental health service is directly provided by Dauphin County MH/ID Program - Crisis Intervention Services. Click here for a full description of the Crisis Intervention Program.
The County contracts with a provider network of about 30 agencies to offer services to eligible individuals, children, and adults. County involvement in the provision of mental health services to medical assistance recipients has also expanded service capacity and service programs for persons with an ACCESS card. Every year, Dauphin County completes an Annual Mental Health Plan which describes the system in detail. Click here for Program Information and review a copy of the most current MH Annual Report for FY 19-20.
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