Program Information about Mental Health System

The Mental Health system produces information related to evaluating, monitoring and planning public funded mental health services in Dauphin County Pennsylvania in program and fiscal activities that include plans and reports. We convene and staff committees, work groups and task forces among various interested parties or stakeholders which include but are not limited to:

  • Adults with serious mental illness and co-occurring disorder (MH and drug & alcohol)
  • Youth ages 14-22 transitioning to adulthood with a severe emotional disturbance
  • Parent and caregivers for children ages 3-21 with a severe emotional disturbance
  • Other adult- and child-serving agencies (Probation/Courts, Children & Youth, Aging, Intellectual Disabilities, Education, Vocational Services, etc.)
  • Human Service providers
  • Advocates
  • Agencies that meet basic needs such as shelters, food pantries, utility assistance.
  • Public Housing Authorities and commercial landlords/property owners
  • Law enforcement
  • Health care organizations
  • Behavioral Health managed care organizations

Contact us if you or interested in becoming involved in our work and participating in an area of interest. Volunteers representing a wide range of concerns ad interests improve our efforts.

  1. Committees of the Dauphin County Mental Health system:

    A full listing of the various Committees and groups that meet in Dauphin County sponsored by the County MH system is available by clicking this link Committees.

  2. Mental Health Planning:

    Dauphin County is a Block Grant Human Services County.  An annual block grant request is submitted to the State Department of Human Services. MH Annual Plan for FY 13-17.

  3. Reports:

    The reports are a reflection of the efforts we undertake to assess system concerns, enhance planning, and monitor our transformation to a recovery and resiliency oriented system for adults and children with a serious mental illness or severe emotional disturbance. Click on each report to learn more about the Mental Health system in Dauphin County.

    MH Residential Program Revised Highlights

See link to Initiatives page for more information.