When Disaster Strikes

  • Listen for emergency instructions on your radio and TV.
  • Keep your phone lines open. Don't make unnecessary phone calls.
  • Shelter in place. Close all doors and windows and shut off any systems that draw in outside air, such as furnaces, fireplaces and air conditioners. Stay indoors and keep listening to the radio for updates.
  • OR, if instructed to evacuate, go to the local reception center and register. You may stay at the center if need be, or stay with friends or relatives outside the evacuation zone. Please do not try to pick up children or other loved ones at schools, nursing homes, hospitals, or campgrounds -they will follow their own evacuation plan. Listen to the radio to find out where these places have evacuated to.
  • Plan to be away for three days, locking up and turning off appliances as you would if you were going away for the weekend. Pack all necessary items and follow the evacuation route specified.


If you have special needs or lack transportation, and you live in the 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone, please register with authorities. You can fill out a special-needs postcard or call your local Emergency Management Agency.