Memorial Award

webb1Craig Webb was a long-time paramedic who died suddenly around the holidays in 2004. Craig Webb carried the mantels of EMS, Police, Fire, and Soldier with distinction. He also was instrumental as an Officer of the Dauphin County Council, Deputy Coroner, Dispatcher and an instructor for military personnel.
The Purpose of the Craig Webb Memorial Award is to recognize emergency service providers who, by their actions, demonstrate: loyalty, professionalism, leadership, dedication, integrity, high quality patient care, and a tireless desire to improve the emergency service system within which they work. Craig Webb demonstrated all of these qualities in abundance throughout his life of service. He will be missed but never forgotten.
webb2The Craig Webb Memorial Award is presented to one firefighter, one emergency medical person, and one law enforcement officer who embody the spirit of the late Craig Webb. The names of the Webb Award winners have been added to a memorial plaque, which hangs at the County's Emergency Management Agency. 
2020 Brian Walborn Eugene Vance Garrett Miller
2019 Timothy Shea Glenn McCoy Scott Wertz
2018 Jeff Cook Robert Lee Coburn Donald Kunst
2017 Kirk Aldrich Dennis Devoe Terry Searight
2016 Donald Cairns J. Edward Crum Craig Chandler
2015 Donald Brink Daniel Gorenc Deb Fleagle
2014 Daniel Peiper Donald Konkle Bradley DeLancey
2013 Dave Horner Sean Grimm James P. Moore
2012 Chris Everett Kimberly Stout Kimberly Stout
2011 Deric E. Moody William H. Payne Dohn P. Fetterhoff
2010 Peter A. Fure Robert Pottiger Frank W. Hess
2009 Joseph Allegrini Richard Cray Dennis R. Pletz
2008 James K. Nelson Eric S. Petery Michael Crossley
2007 Pietro Leone Patrick Leonard Fred Zankiewicz
2006 Willie Holland/Carl Weidensaul Robert Stout Scott Wertz
2005 Richard Malwitz Darrin Robinson Donald Smith