Hotel Tax Forms

Hotels may make the monthly tax remittances online. Payment MUST be accompanied by documentation. Payments will not be processed until documentation is received (and vice versa). If either payment or documentation is received after the due date, late fees and interest penalties will be applied.

Upload Reports Online (must be accompanied by payment)
Make Payment Online (must be accompanied by reports)

  • Hotel tax revenue payments must be remitted along with the Hotel Tax Remittance form.
  • Hotel tax revenue is due the last day of the month following the period in which the tax was collected.
  • The current tax due is 5% of revenues collected.
  • There are NO exemptions to the county hotel tax under the ordinance except for federal and/or state employees on authorized business with proper documentation.
  • Remittances and reports received after the due date are subject to a $100.00 fine and 9% annual interest charge. There is no provision for exoneration of the late filing penalty and interest.
  • Delinquent remittances must be reported on the Delinquent Hotel Tax Return form.
  • Please contact the Dauphin County Treasurer’s Office at (717) 780-6550 for any questions regarding hotel taxes.
Hotel Room Rental Tax Application
Hotel Tax Remittance Form
2008 Hotel Tax Ordinance
Exemption Statement Residency and Employment
Exemption Statement Residency and Employment (Autofill)