When is the Dauphin County Real Estate tax bill mailed?

Is there a deadline to pay County Real Estate taxes?

What happens if I am not able to pay the county and school real estate taxes by December 31?

How can I obtain the payoff amount for delinquent taxes?

Am I able to make installment payments on my County Real Estate taxes?

Can I use a credit card to pay my Dauphin County Real Estate taxes?

Can I receive a tax certification online?

For which municipalities does the County Treasurer collect taxes?

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At what age is my dog required to have a license?

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How do I obtain a lifetime dog license for my pet?

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Do I need to provide proof of age or disability when applying for a Senior/Disabled Dog License?

Can I replace a lost hunting license and/or antlerless tags?

When do antlerless tags go on sale?

What are the current seasons and bag limits?

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