Multi-agency search at Dauphin County Prison turns up small amount of contraband

HARRISBURG, PA (February 9, 2018 at 8 p.m.)–A multi-agency search of Dauphin County Prison today turned up a small amount of contraband, including one shank, marijuana and other drugs.
No contraband was found on correctional staff at the Swatara Township-based facility.
All contraband that would rise to the criminal level will be investigated by the Dauphin County District Attorney.
The sweep began around 4 a.m. today with more than 200 staff from the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections Correctional Emergency Response Teams and Drug Interdiction Units searching the prison, including offices and jail cells, to look for weapons, cell phones, drugs and other contraband. The search was conducted at the request of Dauphin County officials and Warden Brian Clark to ensure the safety and security of the inmates, employees and visitors. 
Dauphin County Prison will resume normal operations and visitation on Saturday, Feb. 10.


A more detailed report is expected next week.